Samstag, 25. September 2010

News: New safety-wall for Chernobyl-reactor

The news-agency AFP released the notification, that the "new wall" is getting produced by the french consortium "Novarka".

Since August 2010 they are working on the basic-rails, which carry the protection cover above the reactor.

108 meters high, 150 meters wide and a weight of 20.000 tons should protect the atomic radiation for the next 100 years.
It's almost time for it, the actually safety-wall was produced in rush and is almost instable - some parts of the radiation still leaves the reactor... and when you think about the fact, that there are still 200tons of this atomic stuff you know it's almost time for it.
The producing will start end of 2010 and takes 4,5 years in total.

In the night to 26th April 1986, Block 4 of the radioactive Lenin-Reactor exploded after a experiment and lost tons of the radioactive-ray. Until today, about 14.000 to 17.000 people died.

The re-producing costs around 1,39 Billion Dollars (1,00 Billion Euro) and gets paid by the European Bank.


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