Sonntag, 19. September 2010

Music to think- Jesper Kyd's masterpiece

Every fan of Assassin's Creed II know this scene:
You enter Florence for the first time and this impressive bass-guitar line is climbing into your ears and let your brain melt for relaxing.

Ubisoft, the publisher of the famous Assassin's Creed II caught the (gamesoundtrack)componist Jesper Kyd for the awesome soundtrack to underline the close and action history of Ezio on his way from a family-revenge up to the search for the.. mhhh no spoiler here!

Jesper Kyd, born on 3.February 1972 in Odense, a city in Denmark got a famous componist for Videogames soundtracks.
Exspecially his masterpieces for the Assassin's Creed games, the Hitman games, but also Borderlands and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory made him to one of the best in this special industry part.

He produced the Soundtrack for AC2 with Capitol Records, which used a 35 person ensemble and a 15 person choir in 2008/2009.

The Soundtrack is aviable on different shops as Download Version.

Jesper Kyd
My advice for you: Use (minimum) a 2.1 Soundboxsystem or Headphones to listen to this song. With "normal" Loudspeakers the bass-line get's too hard into the background and the deep soul of this song will get lost ;)

--> Assassin's Creed 2 OST: Home in Florence


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