Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

I need your advice guys!

Hmmm.. O.o
What you think?
Is a sin to write the truth about Lady Gaga, or War in middle east (Iraq, Afghanistan) ?

Or you want to learn something about the social gamepublisher Electronic Arts?
Or how about the band One Night Only?

Choose a topic!
and: for the truth of the War in middle-east... I am not afraid to tell you everything POSSIBLE why this war happened ;D


David Paul

Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

THE PRODIGY - Bassline which kills your ears

         The Prodigy-The undercover rebel

No other Band had the courage to show the people a new kind of music like The Prodigy.
All around the world they are famous for their crazy, dance-electro music style which uses big beats and basslines to make your ears explode.

One of the most famous songs is Vodoo People, which got released in 1994 and re-mastered in 2005 with more powerful style.
Even when the instrumental line rarely changes, the bassline and the electronical effects make this song to an awesome relaxing masterpiece in such kind of music.

Check it out under:

The Prodigy - Vodoo People

"Mainly" founded by Liam Howlett as a solution for his music-desire in the DJ-Scene, the beginning of The Prodigy was more or less a hobby result.
He met Keith Flint, which asked for a trial-tape from Howlett... which made change his mind immediately. At the beginning he was a dancer in the band before he sang the first time in Firestarter.

Keith Flint, Liam Howlett, and a female dancer were the founder of The Prodigy, short after a first gig in the club Labyirinth in London, the MC Keith Palmer joined the band as support.

Liam Howlett
In the next few months they had gigs in different cities... while the audience size changed from 5 to 12.000 people.
After they got a label at XL Recordings, the female dancer Sharky left the band cause it was too much for her.

After the succesfull year 1991 with songs like What Evil Lurks or Charly, the Album Experience got released in end of 1992.

In the next few years The Prodigy had damn much success.  

Keith Flint

After their next Album Music for the Jilted Generation reached the unbelievable 1,000,000 sold-numbers, they became one of the most famous bands worldwide.

The Prodigy - Spitfire

In April 1996, the single Firestarter, in which Flint sang for the first time, got sold in a few weeks about 750,000 times. Breath came out in November the same year and went on with the success.

After the 3. Album The Fat of the Land was released on 30.June '97, it reached Place 1 of the charts in 27 countries. It was the best sold album in 1997.
After this they made a world-tournee around all 5 continents and even played on the Red Square in Moscow with an audience of 250.000 people.

The song Smack My Bitch Up was their scandal song with drugs, alcohol and sex scenes in the music-video.
After they got heavy problems with it, Howlett said that The Prodigy won't release any tracks anymore.

Keith Palmer    

After solo-trys of the members and the release of the Album Always Outnumbered, Never outgunned in 2004 and another Album in 2005 with the title Their Law - The Singles 1990 - 2005, which included the best songs of The Prodigy, they worked for many games-soundtracks.

Games like: Tomb Raider, Forza Motorsport, Need for Speed and more.

Their newest Album: Invaders Must Die brought them back to their nature: Electronic-bass beats focues on simple lyrics.
After 4 single-releases like Omen, Invaders Must Die, Take Me To The Hospital the band is still active.
For every single there are videos.

You can find them on youtube, here is Invaders Must Die

Enjoy it ;))

The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die 

David Paul

Montag, 27. September 2010

Korean women power - Impossible!? Take a look!

In time of modern pop it's hard to get the start into the music-business.

Stars like Madonna, Lady Gaga, all the disney singer like Miley Cyrus etc are taking over the control everywhere.
Luckily, there are even these underground bands, which show how music should be: Serious, heartfull, but still something impressive to let you shake your hips.
Beside Girls Generation (some reports below), the Brown Eyed Girls Group released their korean song Abracadabra in 2009 as single and even as an awesome video version on youtube.

Take a look on the video which you can find on the link below, it's worth it!

Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra

Brown Eyed Girls, a female K-Pop, R&B, Electropop and Dancegroup from southkorea, got created 2006 by the 4 korean women with their nicknames Jea, Ga-in, Narsha and Miryo.
After their good start with the first 2 albums and mini-disks, the group concentrated on a "more-adult" style with their 3rd Album Sound G.

The video for "Abracadabra" was very critical in south-korean, cause the girls showed erotical and hot moves on the video. To avoid the problems they released a "normal" music-video, which concentrates on the dancing.

Brown Eyed Girls have the possibilities to change the modern music-style. With korean lyrics, a nice beat and even 4 beautiful girls they could kick Lady Gaga and else from the thrown.

Let's wish them good luck and success in the future!!

David Paul

Samstag, 25. September 2010

News: New safety-wall for Chernobyl-reactor

The news-agency AFP released the notification, that the "new wall" is getting produced by the french consortium "Novarka".

Since August 2010 they are working on the basic-rails, which carry the protection cover above the reactor.

108 meters high, 150 meters wide and a weight of 20.000 tons should protect the atomic radiation for the next 100 years.
It's almost time for it, the actually safety-wall was produced in rush and is almost instable - some parts of the radiation still leaves the reactor... and when you think about the fact, that there are still 200tons of this atomic stuff you know it's almost time for it.
The producing will start end of 2010 and takes 4,5 years in total.

In the night to 26th April 1986, Block 4 of the radioactive Lenin-Reactor exploded after a experiment and lost tons of the radioactive-ray. Until today, about 14.000 to 17.000 people died.

The re-producing costs around 1,39 Billion Dollars (1,00 Billion Euro) and gets paid by the European Bank.

Freitag, 24. September 2010

ActivisionBlizzard - The clown with the faked mask

Every person who buy the game of a publisher is important.. but why can one company go so far?

ActivisionBlizzard is the strongest publisher in the videogames market.
Blizzard, a north-american developer had always the luck for the best games.

It doesn't matter if you call: Diablo, Warcraft, World or Warcraft, Starcraft.
These game-series are known everywhere you can immagine.
In Southkorea Starcraft 1 got so famous like the Worldchampionship of Soccer in the western world.
And World of Warcraft is the King of the MMORPGs, the Multi-Massive-Online-Role-Play-Games

Activision was always one of the best publisher worldwide.
Their most famous games are the Call of Duty series, the Tony Hawk Games, Quake, Tenchu, The Total War games and more.

The third member, well... just unknown.. is Vivendi Games, a french media-publisher with, more or less, moderate games.

10.July 2008 the biggest publisher got created: Activision and Blizzard got together as Activision Blizzard which was searching for the biggest deals. The HQ in Santa Monica (California), the publisher made a business volume of 3,8 Billion Dollars

The game-series equipment is now really awesome: Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft, Guitar Hero, Quake, Call of Duty, James Bond, Tony Hawk's Skateboarding, Spider-Man, Spyro, WOW, Scarface, Star Wars and more more more!

But their success is going hand in hand with unfair ways:
Modern Warfare 2, the newest game of the Call of Duty series, was a unfair way to get much money:
As store-price, Activision Blizzard wanted a normal price level of about 60€ for the PC Version...
From normally 45 €  to 60 € is unfair, isn't it?
Luckily, not many stores supported this way and sold the game for less money.

After MW2 had a stupid mutliplayer-game modus via Steam, so means no support for Clans, Dedicated Server etc., the MAP-PACK (!!) Stimulus-Package got released for 11€... A package with 5 maps included, and some are already known from MW1.

In middle of 2010, rumours appeared that ActivisionBlizzard wants a monthly payment for the Multiplayer-Mode for the newest Call of Duty: Black Ops, the company got into a bad light.
Of course a few weeks later it was just a "crazy and non-sense rumour", cause ActivisionBlizzards "respects their customers".

After over 10 years waiting, the Topgame Starcraft 2 got released in July 2010... another game with the 60€-Tactic... Even twice commercial, cause the Starcraft 2 Version will have more updates, also called DLCs (Downloadable Content) for the main-campaign.
And in addition: Both games CAN'T be played in Local Network (LAN), so Internet is needed.

Weird.. isn't it?
The best and Topgames of ActivisionBlizzard get sold for 60€ and are just like "cuts" which gets more by tons of DLCs.
If ActivisionBlizzard wants to say, that THIS tactic is good for their customers... well then.. goodnight glory PC-Time.

My opinion: You died for me ActivisionBlizzard ;-)


Dance music from far far away

You like K-Pop/Dancepop?
You like to see dancing as it was meant to be?
You have nothing against asian girls?

Then keep your ears and eyes up, cause THIS song is more than just a song.
Cause 'Girls Generation', or better in original southkorean language: So Nyuh Shi Dae is a Pop Group with 9 young women, which show you how to move to Pop music.

Girls Generation : Gee

The video here of "Gee", which was the best song of the group (abbreviaton of the name: SNSD), got famous all around the www.

Created in 2007 the girls directly made the border that making music just doesn't mean to sing and earn tons of money. Already two albums (2007 and 2010) and two mini-discs (both 2009) are showing the success of them.
What do you think about their style?
Check it out and share your opinion!


Sonntag, 19. September 2010

Music to think- Jesper Kyd's masterpiece

Every fan of Assassin's Creed II know this scene:
You enter Florence for the first time and this impressive bass-guitar line is climbing into your ears and let your brain melt for relaxing.

Ubisoft, the publisher of the famous Assassin's Creed II caught the (gamesoundtrack)componist Jesper Kyd for the awesome soundtrack to underline the close and action history of Ezio on his way from a family-revenge up to the search for the.. mhhh no spoiler here!

Jesper Kyd, born on 3.February 1972 in Odense, a city in Denmark got a famous componist for Videogames soundtracks.
Exspecially his masterpieces for the Assassin's Creed games, the Hitman games, but also Borderlands and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory made him to one of the best in this special industry part.

He produced the Soundtrack for AC2 with Capitol Records, which used a 35 person ensemble and a 15 person choir in 2008/2009.

The Soundtrack is aviable on different shops as Download Version.

Jesper Kyd
My advice for you: Use (minimum) a 2.1 Soundboxsystem or Headphones to listen to this song. With "normal" Loudspeakers the bass-line get's too hard into the background and the deep soul of this song will get lost ;)

--> Assassin's Creed 2 OST: Home in Florence

You're my friend? -Friends through the cable

About 10 -15 years ago the topic was still unrealistic for the most people around the world: Friendhips through Internet.

But unfortunately it became true: Nowadays many people meet in the Internet.. like on Mutliplayergames like World of Warcraft or Battlefield 2, the players work together and get closer and closer. Other option: Mutliplattforms like Youtube, Facebook or even (again) gamingplattforms like XBox Live or PSNetwork.

There is just one question: Why it changed so hardly?
The number of humans grow and grow without an end, but there is still not a good friend in the same town?
I guess it's not just this: The interessts of the people changed so extremely from one to the next day.

Luckily I had this old kind of friendship in the past.. With young years we went outside into the forest and played there or built up our woodhouses up the trees.
When we got the Super Nintendo it changed totally...

Reaching the new level in the game was much more exciting than going outside and play "Catch me if you can"
And step by step it became more and more harder to avoid gaming...
With the world wide web the mutliplayer action began, and I remember more the funny games in the internet than on the streets.

What's happening to our generation..? What will be with the next generation..?

When it will go on his way the people will forget how the life beside this computer is... but it's even sad that the industry doesn't even react and try to say "Stop! The real friends are in real life"
It's no more we are changing the technology... the technology is changing the human..

I have for example more friends in different countries than in my own one.

Is it bad..? Is it good..? Depends on the point of view.. I think for myself is cool this way, cause I learn much from other cultures

What do you think about it? You want Internetfriends or prefer the old games on the sreets?

Share your opinion!