Freitag, 24. September 2010

ActivisionBlizzard - The clown with the faked mask

Every person who buy the game of a publisher is important.. but why can one company go so far?

ActivisionBlizzard is the strongest publisher in the videogames market.
Blizzard, a north-american developer had always the luck for the best games.

It doesn't matter if you call: Diablo, Warcraft, World or Warcraft, Starcraft.
These game-series are known everywhere you can immagine.
In Southkorea Starcraft 1 got so famous like the Worldchampionship of Soccer in the western world.
And World of Warcraft is the King of the MMORPGs, the Multi-Massive-Online-Role-Play-Games

Activision was always one of the best publisher worldwide.
Their most famous games are the Call of Duty series, the Tony Hawk Games, Quake, Tenchu, The Total War games and more.

The third member, well... just unknown.. is Vivendi Games, a french media-publisher with, more or less, moderate games.

10.July 2008 the biggest publisher got created: Activision and Blizzard got together as Activision Blizzard which was searching for the biggest deals. The HQ in Santa Monica (California), the publisher made a business volume of 3,8 Billion Dollars

The game-series equipment is now really awesome: Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft, Guitar Hero, Quake, Call of Duty, James Bond, Tony Hawk's Skateboarding, Spider-Man, Spyro, WOW, Scarface, Star Wars and more more more!

But their success is going hand in hand with unfair ways:
Modern Warfare 2, the newest game of the Call of Duty series, was a unfair way to get much money:
As store-price, Activision Blizzard wanted a normal price level of about 60€ for the PC Version...
From normally 45 €  to 60 € is unfair, isn't it?
Luckily, not many stores supported this way and sold the game for less money.

After MW2 had a stupid mutliplayer-game modus via Steam, so means no support for Clans, Dedicated Server etc., the MAP-PACK (!!) Stimulus-Package got released for 11€... A package with 5 maps included, and some are already known from MW1.

In middle of 2010, rumours appeared that ActivisionBlizzard wants a monthly payment for the Multiplayer-Mode for the newest Call of Duty: Black Ops, the company got into a bad light.
Of course a few weeks later it was just a "crazy and non-sense rumour", cause ActivisionBlizzards "respects their customers".

After over 10 years waiting, the Topgame Starcraft 2 got released in July 2010... another game with the 60€-Tactic... Even twice commercial, cause the Starcraft 2 Version will have more updates, also called DLCs (Downloadable Content) for the main-campaign.
And in addition: Both games CAN'T be played in Local Network (LAN), so Internet is needed.

Weird.. isn't it?
The best and Topgames of ActivisionBlizzard get sold for 60€ and are just like "cuts" which gets more by tons of DLCs.
If ActivisionBlizzard wants to say, that THIS tactic is good for their customers... well then.. goodnight glory PC-Time.

My opinion: You died for me ActivisionBlizzard ;-)


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