Sonntag, 19. September 2010

You're my friend? -Friends through the cable

About 10 -15 years ago the topic was still unrealistic for the most people around the world: Friendhips through Internet.

But unfortunately it became true: Nowadays many people meet in the Internet.. like on Mutliplayergames like World of Warcraft or Battlefield 2, the players work together and get closer and closer. Other option: Mutliplattforms like Youtube, Facebook or even (again) gamingplattforms like XBox Live or PSNetwork.

There is just one question: Why it changed so hardly?
The number of humans grow and grow without an end, but there is still not a good friend in the same town?
I guess it's not just this: The interessts of the people changed so extremely from one to the next day.

Luckily I had this old kind of friendship in the past.. With young years we went outside into the forest and played there or built up our woodhouses up the trees.
When we got the Super Nintendo it changed totally...

Reaching the new level in the game was much more exciting than going outside and play "Catch me if you can"
And step by step it became more and more harder to avoid gaming...
With the world wide web the mutliplayer action began, and I remember more the funny games in the internet than on the streets.

What's happening to our generation..? What will be with the next generation..?

When it will go on his way the people will forget how the life beside this computer is... but it's even sad that the industry doesn't even react and try to say "Stop! The real friends are in real life"
It's no more we are changing the technology... the technology is changing the human..

I have for example more friends in different countries than in my own one.

Is it bad..? Is it good..? Depends on the point of view.. I think for myself is cool this way, cause I learn much from other cultures

What do you think about it? You want Internetfriends or prefer the old games on the sreets?

Share your opinion!


  1. Good post, I'm not sure if it's good or bad really. The problem with the internet and e-friends is you're socializing without actually socializing. It wastes a lot of time which could be used towards something better. I dunno I suppose it all depends how you use it.

    I really have no problem with making friends online though.

  2. I totally agree with you Six, the modern world is based on internet-friendship.. or atleast I think so.. XD